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Acheter esomeprazole - a generic drug for severe acute pancreatitis and inflammation of the pancreas. This article is about episode. For other uses, see Battle of the Heroes (disambiguation). " Battle of the Heroes, is sixty-second episode of the third season Adventure Time. It is the twentieth episode overall. Contents show] Synopsis When Princess Bubblegum is kidnapped by the Lich, Finn and Jake are forced into an epic battle to save her. Meanwhile, Marceline and the Candy People engage in a battle of wits before meeting the Ice King and rest of the new guardians Flame Kingdom. Plot After several unsuccessful attempts to recruit Princess Bubblegum for her new school, Finn and Jake begin to get worried. Finn is so scared his mind a mess, but Jake does not hear it as he is still being overly cheerful. They begin to think that Princess Bubblegum might be kidnapped. The Gumball Guardian arrives on scene with his Ice Hunter, and attacks the heroes, Levitra 5mg rezeptfrei bestellen knocking them down. However, despite Jake warning his mother, Finn gets scared and tries to run into the Ice Hunter, who is then knocked over by Princess Bubblegum. After they rescue her, get into a fight with the Lich and his minions. captures the two, but Jake comes up with a new idea: "We need to take out their favorite weapon - the Ice Hunter." So, Gumball Guardian shoots a blast in the direction of Ice Hunter, knocking it away. The Gumball Guardian then proceeds to shoot another blast in the direction of Princess Bubblegum, to knock Bubblegum down and free Finn Jake from being kept by the Lich. When they arrive at the Ice Titan, King appears, and the Gumball Guardian introduces himself to him. The Ice King tells Gumball Guardian that he has had the best of everyone, however, Jake tells him that it's not true, he has actually been the best for some time, and reveals that he has been fighting battles the whole time, like that time he fought the Ice Titan with Finn, or when he defeated the Lich's minions one by (The Lich not having a body). Finn and Jake now challenge him to "Battle of the Heroes". However, at first, Lich thinks twice about the trying to stop them. Jake says that it is because of Jake's plan that the Lich will lose. says that it is because he likes to take things slowly, and he has not had much fight so far. He thinks that Finn and Jake can take him the same way as he has taken all his minions. The Lich tells Finn and Jake to think of it as "I like to take things the farthest conclusion, because my whole thing is to push my limits. That means you gotta find something to slow me down as well."[1] After a long fight at the Ice Titan, Jake defeats Lich in the process, and Gumball Guardian is then impressed. He starts to prepare the others for next fight. Gumball Guardian then says "Here we go!"[2] and prepares the battle Gumball Cannon is activated. Princess Bubblegum appears and the Gumball Guardian tells Finn and Jake to.

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